Our Syracuse, NY based public relations firm is founded on Strategy, Integrity, and Communication. We believe real, sustainable growth is not possible without them.

By having Strategic Communications dedicated to the media needs of an organization – including proactive communications, media pitching, media monitoring and response – leaders are able to focus on how their long-term strategies tie into their day-to-day activities, and they are able to react to communication needs more quickly and effectively.

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Using a Holiday as Your News Hook

Lots of people in many organizations across the world try to find some connection between their organization and a holiday in order to get news coverage for their company, products

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What You Don’t Say is as Important as What You Do Say

Hey, do you know what time it is?
If you just looked at a clock and were prepared to tell me “It’s 8:30” or “It’s noon” or some other time,

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PR Analyst textbook

SCLLC’s PR Analyst featured in new textbook

PR Analyst Jack Pflanz has been featured in the new public relations textbook Public Relations in Practice.
Public Relations in Practice “moves beyond the reach of a traditional textbook” by bringing

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