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We provide expertise in public relations, including proactive media strategy and outreach, media monitoring and response, media measurement and analysis, employee communications, and community relations.

Our Syracuse-based firm offers Public Relations Services, including: Media Outreach, Media Monitoring and Analysis, Employee Communications, and Community Relations.

Whether an organization is planning for the future, promoting their mission to customers and other key stakeholders, or responding to a crisis, our team of consultants provides practical solutions to all your communication needs.

Working with senior management, we help identify and articulate organizational goals, develop strategies and the practical tasks to help the organization achieve these goals, and analyze results.

  • Public Relations
  • Crisis Communications
  • Media Monitoring
  • Employee Communications
  • Community Relations
  • Social Media
  • Training Programs

Public Relations: An Integrated Approach

Quality public relations is critical for your organization to effectively reach your targeted internal and external audiences. We can analyze your current situation and work with you to develop a comprehensive communications strategy that supports your organization’s business goals and helps you manage your reputation.
Public Relations
Identifying the right audiences, having clear & consistent messages, and determining the appropriate timing will help your organization to gain visibility, build public support, increase engagement, and build credibility for both the short- and long-term.

Writing and sending press releases is no longer enough. Our team of communications professionals understands how to connect with community members and the media in the ways that they prefer – to build successful relationships and results. And our media monitoring services will show you what works best for your strategy.

Whether it is promoting your products and services or managing an organizational transition, we can help your team effectively utilize earned media, social media, direct engagement and opinion measurement to support and compliment your marketing and advertising efforts. In addition, we can train your organization’s spokesperson in effective media interview and response techniques.

Are you being heard? Ask us.

Crisis DiagramCrisis Communications: No one plans for a crisis… or do they?

During a crisis situation, you’ll need to implement more than an operational response. A long-term proactive effort combined with a crisis communications plan will help you to manage information and messages to employees, the media, the public, and others. Proactively managing your reputation before a crisis, as well as being prepared for a crisis, are essential to protecting your organization.

Strategic Communications, LLC works with clients proactively to share positive news and develop a positive reputation with the audiences that they serve, while also using a proven methodology to help our clients prepare for crises before they happen, and providing sound counsel when dealing with critical situations. Identifying the right spokesperson(s), protocols, and even messages before a crisis strikes can mean the difference between destroying your reputation, or saving it.

We also provide our long-term proactive public relations clients with secure and customized mobile access to a crisis communications plan, giving them the ability to access the most critical information when they are away from the office or their computers.

Our experienced team believes strongly in having a long-term proactive strategy for communicating positive news before a crisis occurs, and then our team helps those clients to manage communications before, during, and after a crisis – in the initial crucial hours, and throughout the important days that follow.

Start preparing now. It’s never too early.

Media Monitoring: Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

It’s crucial to know what the news media, and many of your key audiences, are saying about you – but there isn’t always time to find or keep track of it all. Our media monitoring service allows you to receive daily or weekly updates of current news and social media activity from Strategic Communications, LLC. Monitor just your organization, or include competitors.

Strategic Communications also tracks your organization’s public relations efforts, including proactive communications and response to sensitive situations; then develops analytical reports that measure and demonstrate the results of your efforts – and the impact on your organization’s reputation.

Employee Communications: Always Communicate Inside First

Your organization has lots of great news to share – and sometimes needs to respond to sensitive situations. Have you figured out how to tell anyone about it? What you’re going to say? Exactly who you’re going to tell? Or when you’re going to tell them?

The key to ensuring successful employee communications starts with the thoughtful development of simple key messages,  followed by conversations with employees before any other external audience.

There is a delicate balance which must be kept between sharing too much information too soon, and making sure your internal audiences are brought “in the loop” at the right time to allow for questions to be answered, confidence to be maintained, and support to be garnered.

Strategic Communications helps organizations to develop internal communications strategies that not only align with, but actually benefit the greater public relations strategy – and the overall business goals.

Community Relations: Take Your Brand to a Higher Level

Emotion takes brands to a higher level. And it is built proactive, consistently, and very intentionally by some of the most successful organizations.

This success is founded in community relations – what an organization does to engage with its local community, in ways that are mutually beneficial. And it is a major component of your overall public relations strategy.

You can’t just sponsor a few events or make some charitable donations. While those tactics do play a part in your overall community relations plan, it’s important to find ways that truly make sense for your organization to be involved with the local community. What does your organization offer in the regular course of business that would be of the most benefit to individuals or other organizations? And what other local organizations tie in with your own business goals and objectives? And how will this make people in the community start to see your brand as “human” and emotional?

Strategic Communications helps organizations take the first step to identify and define their best fit in the community, and sticks by each client through implementation so that the long-term success of the initiative becomes easier, and more sustainable.

Social Media drives your reputation.  What are you doing to make sure you’re in the drivers’ seat?

Social media provides a tremendous opportunity for your organization to reach a multitude of audiences, including employees, customers, partners, communities, the media, and more. But once you create an official social media account, what’s next?

Social MediaWe can help you develop a comprehensive social media strategy and provide you with sound counsel to execute that strategy to maximize your impact in the social media space.

Our Approach:

  1. Identify social media outlets where your brand is already being discussed
  2. Calculate dedicated resources and capabilities, matched with organization goals for social media
  3. Select target social media outlets to reach your audiences
  4. Develop a social media policy for your organization and staff which upholds the values and reputation of the organization
  5. Avoid confusion, inconsistency, and missteps in using social media
  6. Develop a proactive social media plan to use social media with strategy and purpose
  7. Monitor social media outlets for information about your organization
  8. Identify how to best respond to online conversations, including threats to reputations, with thoughtful, credible messages that are properly placed as needed

Social media should not be used as a stand-alone tactic, but as part of a comprehensive public relations plan. Our experienced team can help you explore and manage integrated communications in social media.

Contact us to start managing your online reputation.

SCLLC offers standard and customizable educational programs for a myriad of public relations and communications needs. Our speakers emphasize a practical approach to communications and provide real-world examples for discussion. Participants learn how to develop the best approach for their organizations.

All programs are 1-2 hours in duration, and we include additional time for question and answer sessions.

Effective Communications

  1. Impact of increasing speed and volume of information in today’s business world
  2. Add value in any situation
  3. Develop and use Key Messages
  4. Overview of netiquette

Media & Public Relations

  1. Prepare for and communicate with the media
  2. Understanding reporters
  3. Identifying the right spokesperson

Social Media Strategy for Business Success

  1. Determine if and how to use social media in business plans
  2. Getting Started
  3. Best practices


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