ACCES Explains Why Energy Bills Have Seen An Increase In Price

In a recent news release, the American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers (ACCES) explained why energy bills have seen an increase in price and what can be done to manage future energy bills. The Associated Press quoted ACCES in their story “Many Pa. electric customers feeling rate shock as temperatures plummet, variable rates rise,” which was picked up across the country.

“What customers are feeling are the results of a strained transportation and infrastructure system that delivers electricity and gas,” the American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers said in a media release.

ACCES writes:

It has been a record cold winter across much of the country, and many have been expressing deep concern as to why energy bills have been so high. Regardless of whether energy is purchased from a utility or a competitive energy supplier, customers have seen electricity and natural gas prices spike in many parts of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Why did prices rise?

Simply put, the issues at hand are the cold weather, electric grid and natural gas pipeline capacity, and the increasing use of natural gas not just for heating purposes, but to create electricity.

See the full release and additional things that can be done to help manage energy bills on the ACCES website: by clicking here: Why Have Energy Bills Increased – Explaining Price Volatility

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