What We Do

Business is moving faster every day, partly due to the growing impact of digital media and rapidly increasing news activity. Company leaders don’t have the time to review the news that impacts them or stay up to date on the latest social media trends. This causes difficulties in focusing on long-term strategies while managing short-term imperatives.

The Strategic Communications team provides expertise in public relations, news media and social media, with a focus on creating and leveraging proactive opportunities to tell our clients’ stories so they control the narrative about their organizations.

Our public relations services include communications strategy, media outreach, media training, media monitoring and analysis. With decades of traditional public relations experience working with the news media, we know exactly which news outlets and which reporters will help tell your stories and reach your most important audiences – including current and potential employees, customers, community members, donors, shareholders, and others. We are skilled at crafting messages that resonate with these different groups, and we prepare your spokesperson(s) to deliver these messages with confidence during media interviews.

Our social media services include content strategy, organic content creation and management, and analysis. We take the time to understand your organizational goals so we can carefully consider your brand voice and construct social media strategies that communicate brand identity, strengthen loyalty, and build recognition among new and existing audiences. Our team will bring your brand to life using audio and visual storytelling methods, continually analyzing results and adjusting to ensure the content we deliver supports your business goals.

By integrating your organic social media content with your media relations strategy, we create consistent branding for your organization across multiple media channels and platforms. Incorporating social media into our traditional media relations strategy also allows our team to increase the reach of news stories that we secure for your organization, while ensuring continued communication and direct engagement with your target audiences in between news stories.

Working with senior management, Strategic Communications helps to identify and articulate organizational goals, develop messages and strategies to help organizations achieve those goals, then analyze results and measure success.

Our 5 Step Process for Successfully Sharing Good News through Proactive Public Relations:

1. Understand Business SWOT and Goals

2. Identify Unique Brand Story

3. Develop Strategic Communications Plan for News and Social Media

4. Ensure Employee Communications are aligned with proactive media strategy

5. Analyze Results to inform future strategies

The Best at Public Relations

Strategic Communications is able to deliver consistent, high-quality public relations services because that is the primary focus of our company. Further, everything we do is driven by the clearly-defined business goals of our clients. This allows us to produce strong results in news media and social media that directly contribute to the reputation and overall success of each client.

  • We take the time to understand your unique needs and construct news and social media strategies that communicate carefully-crafted messages, conveying your brand identity to new and existing audiences.
  • Through our years of work in Central New York, we have personal relationships with many of the local media contacts. These relationships help us to develop stories that the media are more likely to cover and cut through the clutter of the hundreds of news releases they receive each day.
  • We are also deeply engaged with the business community in Syracuse, NY. This strong “finger on the pulse” enables us to provide objective insight from both a community and professional perspective.
  • By developing a cohesive strategy that incorporates storytelling opportunities in both news media and social media, we ensure your organization’s messages are consistent, compelling, and reach your audiences wherever they are.

Other Services

Because of our exclusive focus on public relations, we partner with other local companies that provide the best services for advertising, website development, graphic design, or videography. Our close partnerships provide clients with a seamless experience that maximizes the effectiveness of each medium.

Communicating during Sensitive or Difficult Situations

While our focus is on proactive good news, we understand that for many organizations it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” a sensitive or difficult situation will occur.

Our experienced team believes strongly in having an ongoing strategy for communicating positive news before a crisis occurs. For our long-term proactive public relations retainer clients, the Strategic Communications team is available to help manage communications before, during, and after a crisis – in the initial crucial hours and throughout the important days that follow.