What We Do

We provide expertise in public relations focused on proactive news media strategy and opportunities, including Media Outreach, Media Monitoring and Analysis

Our Syracuse-based firm offers Public Relations Services focused on proactive news media strategy and opportunities, including Media Outreach, Media Monitoring and Analysis.

Working with senior management, we help identify and articulate organizational goals, develop strategies and the practical tasks to help the organization utilize storytelling to achieve these goals, and analyze results.

Our 5 Step Process for Strategically & Successfully Sharing Good News through the Media:

1. Understand Business SWOT and Goals

2. Identify Unique Brand Story

3. Develop Strategic Communications Plan – identifies the most effective opportunities to leverage your brand story with local news media to achieve business goals

4. Ensure Employee Communications are aligned with proactive media strategy

5. Analyze Results and Adjust Strategy (as needed)

The Best at Public Relations

Strategic Communications is able to deliver consistent, high-quality public relations services because that is the primary focus of our company. By focusing exclusively on public relations, and by further focusing on serious business conversations as opposed to simple promotions or publicity, our services are seen by clients as more valuable – because they directly contribute to the reputation and overall success of each client’s organization.

* Through our years of work in Central New York, we have personal relationships with many of the local media contacts. These relationships help us to develop stories that the media are more likely to cover and cut through the clutter of the hundreds of news releases received each day.

* We are also deeply engaged with the business community in Syracuse, NY. This strong “finger on the pulse” enables us to provide objective insight from both a community and professional perspective.

* The members of the Strategic Communications team are very involved with the world’s largest and foremost organization of public relations professionals, the Public Relations Society of America, including serving in leadership roles at local, regional and national levels; and are active in ongoing conversations about the industry. Several members of the team have also earned the industry’s prestigious Accredited in Public Relations designation.

* Likewise, several of the firm’s consultants remain connected to the industry through academia, as professors in public relations at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications, the State University of New York and others. Each member of the Strategic Communications team has appeared in local, regional and national media and have been published numerous times for their expertise in public relations.

Everything we do is driven by the business goals of our clients. By having Strategic Communications dedicated to the media needs of an organization, you and your management team can focus on how long-term strategies tie into day-to-day activities, and you are able to react to communication needs more quickly and effectively.

Other Services

Because of our exclusive focus on public relations, we partner with other local companies who provide the best services for digital marketing, social media, graphic design or videography. Our partnerships are seamless for the client and maximize effectiveness because we have defined clear roles, responsibilities and chains of command to ensure that our teams work successfully and efficiently to reach your objectives.

Communicating during Sensitive or Difficult Situations

While our focus is on proactive good news, we understand that for many organizations it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” a sensitive or difficult situation will occur.

Our experienced team believes strongly in having an ongoing strategy for communicating positive news before a crisis occurs. For our long-term proactive public relations retainer clients, the Strategic Communications team is available to help manage communications before, during, and after a crisis – in the initial crucial hours, and throughout the important days that follow.