Media Training

The Strategic Communications Media Training Program empowers organization leaders, spokespersons, and subject matter experts to project a positive, professional, engaging, and credible image to all your organization’s audiences, including event attendees, viewers of your own organization’s videos, and of course, the news media.

Our popular program includes two components: an interactive classroom-style presentation session designed for small to large groups, as well as individual on-camera training sessions. All of our Media Training sessions are tailored to your organization, and may be offered in-person or virtually.

  • In the classroom presentation, conducted first, participants will learn the fundamentals of speaking to various audiences to maximize impact. We also use the classroom session to prepare select individuals for their on-camera training sessions. Your organization can include as many employees as it would like in our classroom session – even if those employees are not current spokespeople or subject matter experts. In fact, we encourage this! Even though an employee may not be an official spokesperson, they still represent the organization everywhere they go.
  • Our one-on-one sessions are designed to prepare your spokesperson(s) and subject matter experts to deliver key messages and talking points with confidence during presentations and media interviews. The purpose of this training is to coach current or potential spokespersons in a safe, comfortable environment. This one-hour session is private and personalized, recognizing interview strengths to help build confidence and identifying areas for improvement.

Our sessions explore how today’s 24/7 media landscape works, including the roles that digital and social media play.

  • We provide insight into what motivates reporters and editors, how they approach their jobs, and how you can effectively help them get what they need to tell their stories and benefit your organizations.
  • We share techniques to help balance the needs of your organization – positioning you for success – while answering questions confidently, succinctly, and effectively.
  • Our media training helps you understand qualities that a successful spokesperson embodies, and how to identify – and leverage the strengths of – additional spokespeople or subject matter experts in your organization.
  • We outline best practices and “dos and don’ts” for navigating media interviews, as well as how to tailor responses to various media platforms including TV, print, radio, podcasts, and social media.
  • We equip you with key phrases to use during interviews; and in our one-on-one sessions, we act as reporters to guide you through a real-life interview scenario, providing constructive feedback and helpful tips directly after.

Everyone who participates in our Classroom Media Training Session will receive Strategic Communications’ Top Tips for Working with the Media, a proprietary reference guide to help participants quickly recall their training when it’s time to prepare for future interview opportunities. Additionally, On-Camera participants will receive a written recap of their session including personalized tips and guidance, along with a private video recording from their practice interview(s).

Interested in learning more about Media Training for your organization? Contact Us! We typically book 1-2 months in advance for virtual media training sessions, and 2-4 months in advance for in-person media training.