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Alice Maggiore

Director of Public Relations

With experience in Journalism and Public Relations, Alice knows how to make a story pitch stand out. As a news producer on two award-winning news teams, Alice made story coverage decisions daily. She understands the importance of research to find original content for newscasts, and what reporters need in order to tell compelling stories.

Alice transitioned to Public Relations in 2015 and continues to interact with local news media by making connections, pitching stories, and coordinating interviews for news coverage. She is proficient in writing for multiple platforms – including broadcast, print and social media – and always keeps a finger on the pulse of current events and culture.

This expertise amplifies the voice of Strategic Communications clients by highlighting the details that will most resonate with the media as well as our clients’ audiences, and presenting the content in a creative, memorable way.

Alice holds a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications, with a concentration in Production, and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, focused on Public Relations and Advertising. She is a 2018 graduate of the Leadership Greater Syracuse program.