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2022 Year-End Leadership Message from President Crystal DeStefano, APR

As our team reflected upon all that we accomplished in 2022 and what our clients need for 2023, we discovered a common thread. Our role is not simply to tell our clients’ stories. It’s also to help make it EASIER for them to tell their stories.

Most organizations have plenty of information to share – news about new products and services, recognition and appreciation for employees, opinions and thought leadership about what’s happening in their industry or community – but as organizations either recover from the impacts of COVID or simply continue to grow, we have watched the internal processes for gathering and/or approving those stories become increasingly challenging.

It’s certainly not for lack of effort on the part of the communications or marketing teams, and it’s not because senior leadership doesn’t understand the value in telling these stories. It appears the cause is that everyone is simply stretched too thin.

We see this in our clients who have been with us for 6, 8, 10+ years, and we see it in the clients who have just joined Strategic Communications in 2022.

But telling these stories IS important. Not just in the intangible “feel good” sense. Research studies have proven time and time again that a strategic and consistent approach to ongoing internal and external communications directly impacts employee recruitment and retention, customer acquisition and satisfaction, support from the community, and financial success.

So, that’s where our team is going to focus our efforts as we enter 2023. We are deeply appreciative of the relationships we’ve built with our clients over the years, and take very seriously the role that we play as a trusted advisor – not only for their communications strategies, but for their overall business strategies.

As we continually evaluate and determine how best to serve our current clients and future organizations who will join Strategic Communications, our team of senior level professionals is committed to helping our clients achieve their business goals, supporting the individuals within our clients’ organizations with whom we work most closely, and of course, sharing their stories.

Right now, that means identifying the barriers that our clients are facing internally, creating a solution, and taking on new roles to implement these solutions to ensure success for our clients.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide this new level of service in 2023, and encourage all of you to explore the current challenges that you can tackle to improve your organization’s success, too.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season filled with reflection and inspiration, and a joyous new year!