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Barrier breaking for the future of healthcare in Syracuse

Drakos founding members break the first “barrier” at the new lab in Syracuse, NY

Drakos Clinical Laboratories was founded in Central New York by local first responders in August 2020 to address an urgent need to safely manage film productions and large-scale events when the pandemic hit. The team quickly figured out how to provide mobile laboratory testing and medical care on set, and worked with some of the biggest studios and productions in Hollywood.

Over the past two years, Drakos has grown from a team of seven to nearly 50, serving locations across the country and in the UK. Now, as Drakos approaches its two-year anniversary, the local company is opening a brick and mortar lab in Syracuse offering an innovative approach to the future of medical services in the community with our take on a ribbon-cutting: a Barrier-Breaking event!

Heather Drake Bianchi, founder of Drakos, believes the future of medicine with without walls. Drakos is committed to providing the fastest, highest-quality mobile testing and other medical services to large-scale events and concierge healthcare providers in Syracuse and across Central New York, as well as expanding healthcare access to underserved populations.