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New Approach to Urgent Care Expands to Make Healthcare More Accessible in Central New York

When we first met Heather Drake Bianchi two years ago, we knew she was going to change the world – and fast! She recently asked our team: “Two years ago, did you have any idea that we’d be here today?” While we didn’t know in 2022 that Drakos Clinical Dynamics would be offering its unique services through its own urgent care facilities, we DID believe wholeheartedly that they would making this kind of progress in our community.

Drakos’ mission is to provide innovative solutions that address problems impacting families, senior citizens aging-in-place, and underserved populations, all with the goal of making healthcare more accessible to everyone. In just four years, Drakos has made a name for itself in addressing gaps in healthcare by bringing the fastest, most accurate services to its patients, wherever they may be.

Heather’s passion and unrelenting commitment to fix what is broken and make healthcare better for all is not only inspiring, its pioneering accessible, inclusive healthcare in Central New York. And she’s not alone. Drakos has an amazing team of like-minded healthcare professionals who are dedicated to compassionate care and science-driven medicine.

On February 1, 2024, Drakos Clinical Dynamics and Drakos Urgent Care successfully opened their second urgent care facility in CNY, expanding access to healthcare in our community. All local media were eager to share this new, and continue to engage Drakos for their expert insights.

Drakos’ original urgent care facility opened in May 2023, dedicated to pediatric urgent care. What makes Drakos Urgent Care unique is:

  1. Comprehensive onsite services: Drakos provides onsite radiology with portable child-friendly x-ray machines shaped like a race car, an onsite COLA-accredited comprehensive laboratory, minor orthopedic care, treatment for more severe conditions, and even ADHD screening.
  2. Inclusive design: The space is designed to be truly inclusive of all physical, mental, and emotional needs.
  3. Supporting the whole family: Drakos also provides care for the family members and guardians of children in the same visit to help keep everyone healthy.

Knowing that when a child is sick or hurt it affects the whole family, Drakos provides children’s family members with options for hydration, vitamins, and other fluid infusion services while on site. And to make children feel more comfortable during their visits, each examination room includes a one-of-a-kind mural with vibrant colors and imaginative designs painted by a local artist. When reimagining healthcare, the Drakos team set a goal of creating spaces that are inclusive, healing, and engaging for all patients to help reduce their nerves and ease stress around future visits.

Drakos Pediatric Urgent Care has served more than 3,000 children and their families since opening in May 2023, offering in-office care and virtual care with easy scheduling, transparent pricing, and fast results that quickly connect patients with any additional care they may need.

Drakos is now poised to meet broader and growing healthcare demands by offering specialized care for both pediatric and adult patients at its newest urgent care space. The new 3,000 sf facility offers traditional urgent care services for children and adults, as well as advanced onsite laboratory testing, onsite x-rays, and Drakos’ IV and intramuscular wellness program services.

Founder and CEO Heather Drake Bianchi expressed the company’s commitment to delivering healthcare without walls, emphasizing the importance of reaching patients wherever they are, whether at home, the workplace, or another safe location. The new urgent care location extends this commitment by providing accessible and inclusive healthcare for patients of all ages.

Heather highlighted the company’s journey from its roots in community paramedicine to its current position as a leader in healthcare innovation: “As we continue to grow and innovate, we are excited about the possibilities of shaping the future of healthcare,” stated Drake Bianchi. “We welcome new partners who share our enthusiasm for innovation, creativity, and inclusivity for positive impacts in healthcare delivery.”

The team at Strategic Communications takes pride in our role as strategic partners, working hand-in-hand with visionary clients like Drakos to bring their impactful stories and expertise to the forefront through media opportunities. It never ceases to amaze us what can be achieved through strategy and collaboration when a dedicated team works seamlessly towards a common goal.