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Public Relations Team’s New Year Resolutions

The public relations team at Strategic Communications has grown tremendously in recent years. By having team members specialize in different skills based on their strengths, we’ve been able to deliver unmatched high-quality services to our clients. It truly is the individual team members who make this possible.

Let’s get to know them a little better, as we learn their own personal goals and New Year resolutions for 2020!

Kelly Gaggin, APR, Senior Consultant:

My initial resolution for 2020 was simple – to complete my dissertation and make everyone I know address me as “Doctor G.” Then, just before the holidays, my mother died. She was a gifted pianist and now I’ve committed to learning to play the piano.

I have so many interests it’s difficult for me to focus on just one so I use annual resolutions to focus more strongly on things I enjoy, like increasing my community involvement, boosting my German language proficiency, mastering new recipes, watching pre-70’s Oscar nominated films, and one year I reread all the assigned books from high school English class… Some have improved with time and some are still best used as doorstops.

Elizabeth Greenaway, Consultant:

My goal for 2020 is to read more. As a dreamer and a data nerd, I have lofty ideas of how many books to read. I want to make the goal measurable (like I tell my public relations students); but as the working mom of an almost one-year-old, I’m also forced to be a realist. Rather than focusing on a specific number of books, pages or words, I’ve decided to commit to reading at least one book that speaks to part of who I am. My interests are:
• To finish reading the Bible in 2020.
• Reading board books to my daughter (the snuggles that come with them are a bonus!), and books that teach me more about child development.
• Getting a behind-the-scenes look at this year’s political candidates on both sides of the aisle and how they run their campaigns.
• To read public relations industry publications to keep me sharp.
• And I want to learn more about Gen Z – teaching them is so much fun and passing my experience on to them in a way that’s engaging is a priority of mine.

Jack Pflanz, Analyst:

I have always been envious of people who have been blessed with the talent to play an instrument well. I have two brothers who are exceptional guitarists and my daughter has been playing and studying the piano for 11 years. A few years ago, my daughter gave me a beginner’s book to the Harmonica for Christmas. Recently she gave me another. In 2020, I plan to learn how to play the Harmonica so that every dog in the neighborhood does not start howling when I practice.

I also have the same ongoing goals that many Americans set as their New Year resolutions: to be saving more money and taking the best care of my body.

Jen Phillips, Analyst and Consultant:

I have two resolutions for 2020: explore a variety of healthy ways to reduce my stress levels; and regularly cook from my cookbook collection. The first will likely involve more exercise–but I want my resolution to be broader than just that, to incorporate more yoga, more reading for pleasure, and overall just more mindfulness.

The second resolution evolved from the fact that despite a fairly substantial cookbook collection, I tend to just stick to standby dishes. Actually *using* my cookbooks will make cooking more interesting, meals more varied, and will allow me to justify keeping such a large cookbook collection!

Both resolutions require me to get outside of my standard routine and will help to build new skills–and learn new things, which is always a good resolution to have.

Lucy Wang, Consultant:

In 2020, I plan to sharpen my writing skills to fit both traditional and digital platforms, including writing for search engine optimization (SEO).

I’d also like to spend more time reading non-fiction publications (that are not public relations work related). And I want to continue to travel whenever I can. It’s fascinating to see new places, meet new people and experience different cultures.

Crystal DeStefano, APR, President and Director of Public Relations:

My resolution for 2020 is to listen to more TED Talks. I am always trying to squeeze as much learning into my schedule as possible, and that learning is focused on helping me to achieve specific goals – such as growing Strategic Communications, traveling the world, or simply taking time to slow down and enjoy life in a mindful way. Past resolutions have included reading more fiction books (not just business books!), re-learning French, and setting up an advisory team for this company (and then making sure to actually talk to them!).

I am so incredibly grateful for the success of Strategic Communications, as well as the team and the clients that make this possible. Excited for what’s next in 2020!