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Safe Grilling for the Summer Holidays

Safe grilling is back at the forefront of consumer and media conversations for summer in the Northeast. Crystal DeStefano has again been tapped to represent the propane industry in consumer outreach and media interviews in New York and New England to share the top safety tips as consumers kick off the grilling season with Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Graduations, and all summer long.

Safe Grilling Tips:

On behalf of the propane industry, DeStefano recommends that propane users:

  1. Position the Grill in a Safe Location. Keep your grill outdoors and at least five feet from the house on a level surface that is clear of outdoor furniture, overhead trees, or other potential fire hazards.
  2. Check for Leaks. Use a soapy water solution to check connections for leaks. Expanding bubbles indicate a leak. Follow this procedure at the start of each season and every time you replace a cylinder.
  3. Follow Proper Lighting Procedures. With all grill models, keep the lid open and don’t lean over the grill when lighting it.
  4. Follow Proper Relighting Procedures. If your flame goes out, turn off the gas and refer to your owner’s manual. At a minimum, with all grill models, keep the lid open and wait at least 15 minutes before relighting.
  5. Be Present. Stay close and never leave your grill unattended.

DeStefano encourages news media and consumers to check out more propane safety information at

Also trending in propane:

DeStefano is also talking with news media about the significant growth in propane autogas for school buses across New York and New England.

Hundreds of school districts across the Northeast, and thousands across the country, have made the switch from diesel-powered school buses to propane-powered school buses. This is because propane is cleaner for the environment, healthier for students, safer for bus operators, and less expensive over the life of the vehicle.