Crystal Smith, APR Invited to Present to Syracuse University Students

Crystal (Smith) DeStefano often presents to classes and groups of junior and senior college students about how they can use social media to best position themselves to apply for professional jobs, and to deliver the most value in their professionals careers.

Crystal was invited by Syracuse University to present once again to public relations students at Newhouse School of Public Communications on Tuesday the 28th. She first provided tips on how students can and should be presenting themselves in their social media profiles and activity. She then emphasized that these students are going to be expected to know how to create, implement, manage and measure social media campaigns; including understanding the legal, HR, and information security issues; as well as regulations for regulated industries, employee rights, consumer rights, copyrights, and more.

This advice is critical for students entering public relations and social media careers, as well as for companies and organizations that use social media.

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