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PR Analyst Position

UPDATE: Thank you for all of the impressive resumes and proposals that Strategic Communications received. This position has been filled.


Strategic Communications, LLC is seeking a freelance / independent contractor dedicated to news and social media monitoring, research, measurement, analysis, and reporting.

Analyst will be responsible for:

  • Daily news and social media monitoring (using public relations monitoring software)
  • Daily news and social media activity reports (using public relations monitoring software)
  • Contact with client to determine monthly impact of PR efforts on client’s business (e.g. sales)
  • Compilation of all data, and design of monthly/quarterly/annual reports (varies by client)

This individual will track and measure the following data for client reports:

  • Output (news releases, media pitches, etc.)
  • Outcomes (news stories, social media posts/shares, etc.)
  • Web traffic (Google analytics)
  • ROI (impact on client’s business)


  • Mid-Level experience (minimum 3 years) in Public Relations reporting and analysis
  • Report design experience (portfolio/sample work required)
  • Public Relations software experience (Cision, Meltwater, or similar)
  • Thorough understanding of business ROI

While Strategic Communications, LLC is based in Syracuse, NY, the Analyst is not required to reside in the Syracuse area.

For more information, contact Crystal DeStefano.

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  1. Jack Pflanz

    Hello Crystal. My name is Jack Pflanz. My friend Mark Elliott suggested I contact you. Mark and I worked together for seven years in the Corporate Communications Department at Sprint Nextel. I am an award winning communications professional with local, regional and national experience. Mark mentioned that you were in need of a PR Analyst. In addition to being a project manager and PR brand manager, I was also responsible for reporting and analyzing the results and effects of campaigns, press releases and projects. I would very much like the opportunity to speak to you about my experience and qualifications. As a bonus, I also live in Up State, NY. Please let me know if it might be possible to discuss the position. I can be reached at 315-374-0693. My email is Thank you

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